Welcome to the the VW Trends magazine "History Of Herbie" article page. I wrote this story for VW Trends magazine back in early 2000 when there was little to no Herbie history available. Back then, all I had at my disposal were some old Disney publications and information from a few personal sources. At the time, my web site was the only source for Herbie history! VW Trends approached me about doing a feature story on my Herbie. I suggested that they let me write a history of Herbie to go with it. The editor thought it was a great idea but since  space was limited he gave me a choice. "Write your history article or have a feature story on you and your Herbie." I chose to do the story.  Why did I turn down a feature? Well, I thought it was more important to have Herbie's story reach the masses. You see, Herbie had no presence and had nearly been forgotten by everyone, including Disney. One of my goals was to preserve Herbie's memory by keeping a historical account. My web site was created for that purpose. But having the opportunity to get the message out to the world through a magazine was even better! I just had to get this story out to the fans!   In the long run it worked out fine. I feel that this article helped to create a newfound love for Herbie. I know it introduced me to many fans. VW Trends shot quite a few pictures of my car that went along with the article. The real surprise was that I ended up being on the cover. Talk about shocked!!!  The  Love Bug special edition DVD covered most of what I wrote in this article.  So if you are a die hard Herbie fan you may already know most of what you are about to read. Either way, it's worth a look. Just remember, a lot of new information has been discovered since 2000.  Hope you enjoy!

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